Complete Automotive, Boat, and RV Detailaing

High Quality Interior Detail:

The interior is detailed starting at the headliner. A variation of dry cleaning is used so there is not any saturation. The upholstery is then stain guarded, seats are cleaned in the same manner and then protected, plastics are cleaned and conditioned using no oil based products, rather Teflon and UV protectants (a product that only we have) designed to prolong the life of the plastics and seats. Carpets are cleaned and protected. We use organic based cleaners.

High End Exterior Detail:

The exterior detail includes thoroughly cleaning the engine using no hot water and no acid based cleaners. All hoses and plastics are conditioned by using a Teflon conditioner again in order to prolong their life. The paint is then sealed with a protective Carnauba wax. The frame of SUV’s, Wagons & Trucks are undercoated with a rubberized rust inhibitor.